To Be Part of the Solution…

By April 10, the Mayor and the City Council must appoint the 9 member Selection Panel of Oakland residents who will, in turn, choose 4 of the 7 Police Commissioners and 1 of the 2 Alternate Commissioners.  Every Oakland resident is eligible to apply to be a member of this Selection Panel.

Ideally, applicants should be long-term residents of Oakland who have sound judgment, appropriate life experience, independence, courage and good listening skills.  Selection Panel members will need to be available to discharge the function of designing the application process for Commissioners, reviewing the applications, interviewing candidates and making their choices between April 11 and the end of August (based on Measure LL requirements).

To apply: contact your  Council member or Mayor Schaaf: (email addresses below)

Mayor Schaaf
District 1   Dan Kalb
District 2   Abel Guillen
District 3   Lynette McElhaney
District 4   Anne Campbell-Washington
District 5   Noel Gallo
District 6  Desley Brooks
District 7  Larry Reid
At-Large: Rebecca Kaplan

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